Tri Cities Foundations specializes in a variety of concrete services from the ground up, including turnkey concrete contracts for layout, drilling piers, excavation, backfilling, forming, fine grading, tying steel, and placing and finishing of concrete.

Tri Cities Foundations offers the following services:

  • Place & Finish Concrete
  • Concrete Repair & Restoration
  • Elevated concrete work (e.g. Decks, beams, columns, shear walls..etc.)
  • Concrete foundations, including repairs
  • Specialty applications (Concrete surface treatments)
  • Rebar placement
  • Formwork & Carpentry
  • Site development & Excavation
  • Site paving, including sidewalks and drive approaches
  • Site concrete features (e.g. walls, light pole bases, stairs, curbs, bollards, handicap ramps..etc.)
  • Demolition

Estimating (Free Estimates) 


Project management

Concrete Floors

  • Hard-working, “industrial” type floors designed to carry a heavy load and endure forklift traffic
  • Showcase floors designed to impress
  • Hardened floors
  • Colored floors

Tilt-Up Concrete Panels

  • Smooth finish, ready to be painted
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Architectural finishes

Exterior Concrete

  • Paving
  • Sidewalks
  • Stamped concrete